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Sell more tickets with
LTickets ticketing platform.

LTickets is an easy to use platform that will drive your ticketing sales to a new hype.

Quick Event Setup

Our event team will setup your event in less than an hour, so that you can start selling your event tickets as soon as possible.

Mobile first

Our platform is accessable on any device. Accourding to our data is that 75% of customers use there mobile devices to buy tickets on LTickets. Therefore LTickets is perfectly optimized to work on any device, and on any screensize.

Digital is the way

LTickets cares deeply for the enviroment, therefore your attendees do not need to print their tickets. Our state of the art scanning technology can scan tickets on your attendees mobile phones.

Never miss a sale ever again.

LTickets uses the advanced technology from PayGate. PayGate is South Africas leading payment gateway, that will ensure ease of use and security for all of our users.

Get affliates, reps, and invluencers involved

With LTickets we can create affliate accounts for reps and social media invluencers, to sell more tickets for your event.

Discount Codes

You can add discount codes to any ticket type. This will also show on your reports to get the actual value of ticket sales that you have.

Bulk Discounts

We can generate bulk discount codes for your event. Using MVG system? We can add your MVG clients to your event so that they can get special discount on your event.

Complimentary Tickets

To issue comps is very easy. On your account approval you will get a code that will only work on your account. You can use the comp code as much as you like. This data will also be available on your reporting system.

Attendee Database

On your request, we can send you all of your attendees information.

How can we help you?

Don’t have time to manage your ticket support? LTickets can assist you here with our excellent support team.

Data Compliance

LTickets fully comply with GDPR and POPI laws. Everything’s safe and encrypted, and we keep up to date with the rules so you don’t have to.

At the event

LTickets dedicated and supportive teams are available, whenever you require us. Before, after and most importantly during the event.

Scanning App

Use our native mobile app to scan tickets and manage access with the greatest efficiency.

Box Office

You can sell your tickets any where you want to. From the event it self or in your store.


We can offer you ushers at the event entrances to help with ticketing scanning and if you have reserved seating, helping the attendees to their seats.

Start selling with LTickets today!